This Top-Ranked Podcast is all about adopting the mentality of winning at all costs. Defining your competitive advantage within yourself will take a tremendous amount of emotional intelligence. The dedication to become 1% better each day can be extraordinarily strenuous but very rewarding. The Win-Win Effect is a character-based code for human interaction and collaboration in business. You will not have to listen long without quickly making this show one of your favorite podcasts. Each episode, Host Chris Ross, (Award-Winning International Sales Trainer, Founder of TCR Consulting Agency and Co-Founder of Winject, Inc) will explore proven strategies that focus on increasing overall experience for customers, clients, and students of those particular programs. He specializes in training international business executives, companies, and corporations on methods, techniques he has developed over the years on adopting EQ with both sides of the buyer-seller relationships. Chris is also currently contracted by over 40+ companies and corporations over the world, where he aligns his sales process that is producing massive results and radical transformation with High-Ticket Programs. His Co-Host, Wes Baiz (Founder of Assign Sales and Co-Founder of Winject, Inc.), joins him with sharing his knowledge and interviewing a long list of guests in multiple industries. From Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Marketing, Military, Real Estate, Sales, and more. No matter the industry you are currently in, anyone tuning in will receive massive amounts of value from the proven strategies shared on this show.


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