Placement Course

Discover the Right Path for Your Business with Our Expert Placement Course

Before you make the decision to start a new business career that will shape your future, the experts at TCR Consulting Agency will work closely with you to find the perfect opportunities for your unique personality.


Set Yourself Up For Long-Term Success


Whether becoming a business owner or starting a career in a new field, you are making a major life change.

However, do you feel confident that you have all the soft and hard skills to maximize your business potential from the start?


TCR Consulting Agency delivers powerful training courses contracted with the Nationally Accredited Programs with trade schools, helping you learn all the skills needed to succeed in high growth-fields.


No matter what area of trades you are in, if you are a business owner or even looking to join the workforce, we teach you valuable skills that allow you to produce 2-3 times more than the average worker.

 The TCR Placement Course


Our Admissions Consultants will work closely with you to understand your personal goals, characteristics and more, finding a course that can lead you towards a rewarding career.


This two-week program uses a variety of assessments and exercises to discover the TCR Mastery Program that accelerates your personal development and business growth.

 Personal Guidance From an Admissions Consultant


Our experienced Consultants take the time to listen to your business and career plans, assess your personal strengths and weaknesses, and then use that information to recommend the most suitable TCR program for you.


Free Consultation


Receive a 15-minute personal consultation where our experts explore your career goals, your personal background, the skills you need to succeed and any other aspects of your future.


Product Knowledge Training


Twice per week for a total of four sessions, our consultants will offer you insights on important aspects of your business or the industry you are looking to enter.


One-on-One Session


The 30-minute one-on-one session allows our Admissions Consultant to gain an in-depth understanding of your plans for the future and how you envision your business.

Exclusive Bonus Content


To help you get a head start on your career development, we are offering a variety of bonus materials when you


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The Win-Win Effect Podcast


Get empowering knowledge from industry-leading guests in education, sales, real estate, marketing and more, learning the skills that can power any business.


Access to Our Student Portal


Receive unlimited access to the TCR Consulting Student Portal, which includes a variety of resources that set you up for career success.


Access to Lending Contractor


We connect you with potential lenders that can help you kickstart your business or career.


Placement Recommendation


Once our Admissions Consultants recognizes the perfect course that can help you expand on your skills and begin your journey into a new field, they will provide you with a recommendation to a TCR Mastery Course, boosting your chances of being accepted.


Lay the Foundation to a Lifetime of Career & Entrepreneurial Success by Below

Placement Course
$ 97
  • Free Consultation
  • Product Knowledge Training
  • One-on-One Session