Placement Course

Placement Course

Unlike other online education companies, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach.  Our programs, while based around a core curriculum, are highly customized to your unique situation and goals.

We also don’t have an ongoing open enrollment.  Our programs only accept new students during a few select times throughout the year (just like a traditional college).  This allows us to ensure that YOU get the highest degree of personal attention with your education.

To become eligible for enrollment, all students must attend, and complete, our Online Placement Course.

This will help our Admissions Team to:​

Make sure that you satisfy all the criteria necessary to qualify for our programs.

Understand your current level of online business experience and knowledge so they can place you in the program that will give you the highest degree of success.

This Placement Program is what allows us to maintain a 91% completion rate with our students… by far the highest completion rate in the entire Online Marketing education industry.

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How You Can Take Advantage Now & Learn How to Build a Business of Your Own

TCR Consulting Agency Saves You From Years of Frustrating "Trial and Error" Failures

Most people looking to create a full-time income online waste years of their life and thousands, if not tens-of-thousands of dollars on bogus, deceitful and borderline unethical courses, programs and coaching.

Combined with the “fad of the month”… that seems to come out just about everyday… you can feel like you’re running from pillar to post and not making any progress at all.  

If you want to truly succeed at creating, growing and running your own successful business… there are just 3 things you need:

The right business model suited to YOUR unique talents, interests, and abilities

Proven systems and procedures that can be automated

Guidance to keep you on YOUR course with complete clarity