Path To Mastery

Everything You Need to Become a Successful Entrepreneur!

Our Path to Mastery PACE Course is designed to transform you into an empowered, confident and highly-skilled business owner that can take their company to unimaginable new heights!


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The Life-Changing Business Education Program


When you are ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey, there are many things that you have to consider. From your business planning to the soft skills that build long-term client relationships, there are many elements that go into creating a prosperous company.


The Path to Mastery Course provides you with the most comprehensive entrepreneurial training from experienced business owners and educators that have built successful contracting companies themselves.


TCR Consulting Agency delivers powerful training courses contracted with the Nationally Accredited Programs with trade schools, helping you learn all the skills needed to succeed in high-growth fields.

Plan. Empower. Succeed.


From the moment you are accepted into the Path to Mastery PACE Program, you will receive the well-rounded approach to business training that is perfect for any field in the trades industry.


Whether this is the your first business, you are looking to break free from working for somebody else or want to optimize your entrepreneurial skills, our Business Consulting Experts provide real-world training, motivation and development that delivers results!

The Path to Mastery Program

This 6 to 8 week course ensures you cover all aspects of business planning, personal skill development, product knowledge, marketing, leadership and inspiration needed to unleash the empowered entrepreneur inside you.


What You Receive

You will work closely with our Business Consulting Experts to benefit from a wide range of development exercises, training and strategy sessions.


Product Knowledge Training


Become an authority in your industry by learning everything you need to know about the products that power your business. From products to services offered, position yourself as an authority to help attract clients.




Once per week, get answers to all of your business questions from successful entrepreneurs that understand how to build a profitable company.


One-on-One Session


Work closely with a Business Consulting Expert to receive valuable insights on your business plan, career path and personal development.


Budget Evaluation Breakdown


Setting and maintaining a healthy business budget is key to business success.

Our team helps you develop and follow a customized budget for your organization.


Plan of Action Training


The biggest barrier that entrepreneurs need to break through in order to reach their true potential is taking action! We train you on creating an action plan that includes daily habits that contribute to the progression of your company at all times!




Exclusive Bonus Content 

To help you truly set yourself up for entrepreneurial success from the start, we have included a wide range of bonus material that educates and motivates.


The Win-Win Effect Podcast


Get empowering knowledge from industry-leading guests in education, sales, real estate, marketing and more, learning the skills that can power any business.


Access to Our Student Portal


Receive unlimited access to the TCR Consulting Student Portal, which includes a variety of resources that set you up for career success.


Access to Lending Contractor


We connect you with potential lenders that can help you kickstart your business or career.


Access to Traffic Course


Learn the powerful marketing and lead generation techniques that attract clients to your business, helping you accelerate the growth of your company immediately!


Massive Action Plan


If our Business Consultants believe that you can benefit from our Massive Action Plan, they will assist you in writing down your goals, the reasons that keep you inspired to achieve them and the priority actions you will take to make them a reality!

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Path to Mastery "PACE" Course
$ 4,997
  • Product Knowledge
  • LIVE Fire Q&A
  • One-on-One Session
  • Budget Evaluation Breakdown
  • Plan of Action Training