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While everybody has a life purpose, many people remain unconscious of it throughout their entire lives. The desire for safety, security and wealth often overrides what our inner heart is telling us to do.  And, if you’re not careful, you may confuse that desire with your goals, such as career, making money, and being successful.

For over 15 years, our Founder & Chairman, Chris Ross has been in Sales for numerous industries. It took a while, but eventually, he was lucky enough to discover his life’s purpose after making a career move to Education Sales… where he worked to ethically enroll students in Nationally Accredited Education Programs.

I want to acknowledge that we live in a strange time. People can call themselves anything they want and get away with it.

If you believe what you read online, in the press releases or even on resumes… pretty much everyone is an award-winning keynote speaker, a bestselling author, or massive influencer and thought leader in their space.

In reality, it’s all smoke and mirrors. And a lot of these so-called “guru’s” use their fancy resumes to prey on whoever they can to make a quick buck. Usually, they prey on people’s hopes and desires to create a better life for themselves and their families.

The worst part is… many of the founders of these companies continued to post photos of their travels to exotic places all around the world!

The industry is saturated with these fake gurus and imposters who continue to operate without transparency and without the oversight of any kind. They say what they need in order to make a buck… and then they move on.

Chris knew that something had to be done. He kept referring back to the Accredited trade schools that he worked with. These were top trade school corporations offering training and education that could actually get people real-world jobs.

And while there are plenty of fly-by-night schools out there… the legitimate ones take the time and the money to become accredited by Councils of Education. 

This is not required, and it is very, very expensive to achieve. But it provides students with the comfort of knowing these companies are audited by regulatory agencies a few times a year to practically guarantee transparent, ethical education company.

During Chris’ journey, he has crossed paths with a lot of these people and their companies. In nearly all cases, those companies closed down, even while still owing their members hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions. Lives were wrecked, dreams were destroyed and hopes were hammered into oblivion. 

Our objective at TCR Consulting Agency™ is to be the first of its kind – a fully transparent and accountable online education and business development trade school.

Not only that, but we strive as a company to become a “SUCCESS HUB” for our students, with links to other nationally accredited programs in business, leadership, sales, marketing, and more.

Our mission is for each one of our prospective students to have complete clarity before committing to something that is not going to serve their goals.

There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to building a business ON or OFF LINE. We all have unique skills and talents. And it’s only when you are able to line up what you do with those skills and talents that you’ll find a fulfilling career or build the business of your dreams.

Success isn’t going to come easy. You have to earn it. And there will be setbacks. That’s life. But the rewards are worth it.

Together, we can take a stand against the “old way” of learning how to build a business of your own.

Together, you can finally move forward with clarity and confidence knowing that every day you are one step closer to your dreams.

Chris Ross

Chris Ross


TCR is the Only Online Education and Business Development Company that ensures full transparency of our academic programs, complete integrity in our enrollment process, and proof that our students can find success after going through our programs. ​

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Our transition

Over the last six months, Chris Ross has stepped down from his original role as Chief Executive Officer and has made a transition into a new position, Founder & Chairman of TCR.

Be on the lookout for Official Press Release of Announcing New Corporate Executive Staff Members once the crossover occurs in early 2021.

With all of the exciting NEWS of Accreditations going LIVE – We are thrilled to start Enrolling for 1st of the New Year for Classes to begin in March 2021.





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