About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure the long-term success of our students by delivering entrepreneur-tailored programs that result in an increasing demand for TCR graduates.

About TCR Programs

Our courses are all built from an entrepreneur point of view with the career skills and certifications they’re looking for in their next hire. Students who enroll in our business trades training programs become more marketable than the competition as our programs are designed to make students eligible for recognized certifications, to connect them to investors with electronic profiles on our TCR platform, and to further demonstrate career skills with verifiable badges that demonstrate skills to maximize profits.


Our programs are in high demand and will help you breakthrough into a rewarding career or launch start-up and succeed in today’s demanding marketplace.


With that being said, our programs are not open enrollment for just anyone that wants to take advantage.

We offer a variety of courses that can lead to rewarding careers in a variety of fields. Our admissions staff is dedicated to matching your unique personality with the career training program that is the right fit for you. We are committed to stimulating, motivating, and educating our students to prepare them for their new life in a new field.

Program offerings vary by availability. At the following Courses Link, you can find detailed on all of our programs, including next upcoming enrollment start date.

Our Values

Excellence: Focus on quality in programs and services


Diversity: Show acceptance, openness and fairness to everyone


Innovation: Encourage and reward new ideas, proactive thinking and use of evolving technology


Respect: Foster trust, courtesy and open communication


Integrity: Promote ethical and honest behavior


Accountability: Maintain effective and efficient programs and services


Collaboration: Work cooperatively in a supportive environment