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Welcome to TCR Consulting Agency

Our Founder & CEO

Chris Ross

After years of working in the online education field... and seeing first hand just how deceptive most companies were with their customers… Chris Ross, Founder/CEO, had enough. Over the next two years, he set about to create the world's FIRST… and ONLY… fully accredited Online Marketing Trade School. If you want to become a professional tradesperson, such as a plumber, electrician, carpenter, mechanic or more… you have to get a license from your state before you can start your business. And to get your license, you have to go to a fully accredited trade school or college. These schools are monitored and audited on a regular basis to ensure academic transparency… and… that students who go through their program are able to find employment once they are done.

TCR is the only Online Marketing Education and Business Development company in the world that ensures full transparency of our academic programs, complete integrity in our enrollment process, and proof that our students can find success after going through our programs. ​

Business Philosophy

Create an environment that’s main objective is to nurture positive employee and customer relationships where we all have the outcome in mind of everyone winning. The practical application of this philosophy is to ensure that there is constant growth of adapting real-life solutions to each of the potential customer problems. Supporting these relationships will bring everyone involved in mutual success in the form of providing instructions, knowledge, and resources necessary to get the job done to the best of everyone’s ability.

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Learn the Skills You Need to Run Your Own Successful Online Business

Creating your own successful online business is simple.

We promise.

(It’s not always easy… but it is simple).

You just need to know how to combine the right business model with your own natural skills and talent.

That way, it’s not a struggle, fight or battle to get things going.

The resources and information below will point you in the direction you need to go if you want to succeed with your own online business:

You've Spent Thousands on Courses, Coaching, Seminars or Training… But Have Yet to Make Any Significant Money Online…

There are really just THREE MAJOR ISSUES that keep people from succeeding with their own online business:


You try to build a business using a model that does NOT suit your unique talents, skills or experience.


You don’t have any accountability to get things implemented.


You lack guidance from an advisor who will keep you on the RIGHT path for YOU.

(And who will keep you from falling prey to “bright shiny object” syndrome)

That Ends

TCR Consulting Agency has created the world’s first Online Business Assessment. It only takes a few minutes and will match your unique talents, skills, and experience with the perfect business model for you.​

Once complete, you also are assigned an academic advisor who will go over the results with you and help you design the perfect blueprint. You’ll know with absolute clarity what steps to take next.

Identify Areas of Capabilities

Speak With One of Our Admissions Advisors

If you know that the Online Lifestyle is for you and you’re ready to, you can speak with one of our Admissions Advisors who can help you determine which of our programs is the best fit for your current situation AND for what your lifestyle goals are.

Not everyone is a good fit for the programs we offer, so the first step is to go through our Placement course HERE.

This course will let our Advisors know exactly how to help you and how to position for the greatest chance of success.

Enroll in the Placement Course



Focus on quality in programs and services. 


Show acceptance, openness and fairness to everyone.


Encourage and reward new ideas, proactive thinking and use of evolving technology.


Foster trust, courtesy and open communication.


Promote ethical and honest behavior.


Maintain effective and efficient programs and services.


Work cooperatively in a supportive environment.

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